Meet the Owners!

Café  Marrese is the fulfillment of a dream.  Leona and I have always found such satisfaction in hospitality and sharing life at the table.  Serving others, food and fellowship represents the center of our lives and who we are.

Small beginnings in our home have now been extended to this café where our horizons have been broadened.  This opportunity to meet so many new friends to share our life with is just the start and we are beyond excited.

Loving to cook, loving the creation of new delicious healthy meals, and inviting others into a great atmosphere, we feel all add up to a wonderful experience.  We offer a variation of meals, coffees, teas and specialty desserts on our menu. Our meals are individually made to order and prepared with only the top of the line ingredients.   Whether you place a ‘to go order’ or enjoy it here, we invite you to give us the opportunity to not only serve you, but get to know you and touch our community together.

Allen and Leona Green